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Friends of Wonder : Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett (short doc)

Chanel "This Is Gabrielle"


Divided States of Women w/ Liz Plank (series)

HP "Proud Portraits"

The Prospect Park Film (teaser)

the bed . psythology (short film)

Woman in the Room

Everything is Copy (feature film)

The Future is Bright (short film)

She Got Game (trailer)

Flin Flon (feature film)

Soojung Dreams of Fiji (short film)

Love Mom (short film)

Freixenet Cava x Vox

Ford "Go Further"

Deporting Myself (short film)

What We Teach Girls : Uganda (series)

Stella Artois "Chalice Symphony"

Huffington Post "A Horse Named Ike"


Tea at the Beatrice w/ Glenn O'Brien (series)

Bonding (Short Film)

Dior "Poison Girl"

Nike "No Regrets"

I Hart Food (series)

Sony Xperia "Changes"

The Better Half (series)

The Widowers (feature film)

HTC "Re"

Conrad and The Steamplant

Prudential "Chapter Two"

Google "And You"


Google Glass x DvF

Honda "50 States"

Sondre Lerche "Legends"